Can-Do National Tape is proud to be a top level 3M Preferred Converter. As a 3M Converter, we combine 3M tape innovations to create precisely what our customers need. By using processes such as custom die cutting, durable graphics printing and laminating adhesives to substrates, we are able to design innovative products that meet very specific needs. Our converting services and partnership with 3M can help you enhance your product’s design and appearance, improve performance and processes and help you create a better and more competitive product.

Our converting services and knowledge of adhesive materials give us the power to Die-Cut various 3M materials such as foils, foams, films, laminating adhesives, etc. This gives us the capability to work with our clients to create die cut pieces to be used in OEM manufacturing and assembly. We also Die-Cut different types of foam materials into shapes so you can use them in applications such as gasketing, sound damping and more. Adhesive can also be laminated to the foam to bond to various substrates. Can-Do Tape can also slit various 3M materials to produce custom roll widths for your manufacturing needs. Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a Adhesive Tape Specialist.