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Aerospace manufacturers, like manufacturers in most industries, are under pressure to increase profitability and reduce the cost of doing business. Aerospace OEM and MRO companies have the added challenge of remaining compliant with FAA regulations and ISO certification requirements.

One way aerospace product engineers are achieving their goals is by increasing efficiency in manufacturing processes. Adhesives and adhesive tapes have proven to be an excellent material option for saving time, lowering costs, and increasing productivity in a wide range of processes:

Structural Support

Honeycomb structures and composite panels are widely used in aerospace manufacturing to achieve a lightweight aircraft. Adhesive tapes and adhesive materials help reinforce the structures and panels without adding extra weight to the aircraft. However, it’s also necessary for the tape to be high-strength and corrosion-resistant to meet safety requirements.


For the attachment of internal cladding, water-based adhesives offer a versatile solution, which ensures bonding of parts during maintenance cycles of the aircraft.

Panel Splicing

Due to the high tensile strength of the carrier, and the flame retardant properties of acrylic adhesive, a  FAR25-certified tape can be used to splice insulation panels in the holds of aircraft.

Bonding Mats

Bonding mats with adhesive tape will simplify and speed up assembly. Double coated tapes provide a high performance acrylic adhesive on one side of the tape, and a firm, silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated polyester film carrier on the other. Additionally, hook-and-loop tape strips offer new solutions to bonding mats within the aircraft.

Paint Masking Tape

Paper masking tapes are extremely resistant to solvents and high temperatures. They are specially developed for easy removal without a trace of boundaries. Masking tapes are ideal for precision work and enhanced productivity.

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