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As new materials and methods advance the state of the art in the aerospace industry, the focus on safety has sharpened with respect to the use of tape and other adhesive and fastening materials. Of particular concern is the potential for flammability of materials used in the aircraft cabin. It is essential that aerospace engineers and designers have access to and specify materials that are in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), part of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as prescribed by the  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Adhesive tapes and other fastening materials have been developed to specifically comply with various burn tests as mandated by FAR 25.853. These tests are used for determining material viability for use in both the cabin and cargo compartments of an aircraft. The test involves putting a material sample in contact with a flame for a specified time and at a specified angle.  The rate, length, and time of burn are measured. In order to be considered for use, the resulting test data need to fall within the respective vertical and horizontal burn test parameters.
In addition to traditional pressure sensitive tape products, hook and loop products have proven to be highly effective in satisfying bonding needs in applications involving aircraft interiors and they fully comply with FAA flame resistance requirements. Furthermore these adhesive products offer dependable performance in combination with widely-used aircraft construction materials including metals, composites, and honeycomb panels.  They also meet FAA requirements for flame-smoke-toxicity (FST) performance.
The myriad of regulatory requirements can be daunting, and ensuring consistent compliance is a major challenge for many manufacturers, OEMs and MROs in the Aerospace industry.  An experienced and knowledgeable adhesive tapes and materials supplier will help you find the most suitable FAA-compliant products for your application.
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