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The success of your business depends on maintaining efficient and cost-effective operations. Did you know there may be many opportunities to increase efficiency and cut costs right on your assembly line? Can-Do Tape offers adhesive material products that can significantly improve your products and processes while improving your bottom line.

Replace Mechanical Fasteners

Over 30 years ago, 3M™ VHB™ Tape introduced engineers and product designers to an unprecedented level of design flexibility and bonding options.  Die cut material assembly with VHB tape is much faster, more consistent, and less costly than screws, bolts, and other types of mechanical fasteners. Adhesive tapes also provide a more permanent and lasting bond than mechanical fasteners. Where bolts or rivets join materials at a single point, high-bonding adhesive tapes distribute the stress load across the entire length of the bonded surface.

Die cut adhesive foam tape products offer a strong, reliable alternative to mechanical bonds. When correctly installed, in many applications these die cut adhesive materials are comparable in strength to rivets. Aesthetically, adhesive foam tapes also allow for a smoother look when attaching components. In most joining applications, die cut adhesive foam tapes have a dynamic shear strength equivalent to one rivet every four inches.

Improve Efficiency with Die-Cut Materials

Assemblies are easier and faster with adhesive die cut materials. Die-cut adhesive materials with extended liners or pull tabs can greatly improve the time spent on the assembly line. Extended Liners have a non-adhesive backing that is wider than the adhesive which provides an edge to easily grab to remove the liner when needed. A Pull Tab has a non-adhesive material protruding at the end of a custom cut tape and is designed for smaller die-cut shapes. For many industries, including the automotive, appliance, specialty vehicle industries, die cut materials with extended liners and pull tabs meet demanding, application-specific requirements for fast, reliable fastening.

Eliminating Liquid Glue

Liquid glue is messy and difficult to apply with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. Adhesive die cut assembly materials provide a cleaner alternative that is much easier to install. In addition to easier assembly and better efficiency, adhesive die cut assembly materials will also consistently produce a better-looking product with less waste material.

Reducing Drilling and Welding

The no-tool-required assembly of adhesive die cut materials means eliminating or reducing costly and time-consuming steps like drilling and welding. In addition to simplifying the assembly line, other benefits include less noise, no broken drill bits, and no hazardous metal fragments. Die cut material assembly is safer, cleaner, and more accurate than bonding with mechanical methods.

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