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When you think of adhesive tape, you probably think of it as one of the quickest and most effective ways to attach two items. While this observation is certainly correct, there are many other jobs adhesive tapes can do. Adhesive material innovations have resulted in a wide array of unexpected benefits and advantages that tape can offer. Specialized tape characteristics and custom converting have made finding a tailor-made bonding solution possible in many industries.

In terms of manufacturing and assembly applications, many engineers and product developers have discovered the extent to which adhesive tapes and materials can solve issues and meet product requirements. In this post, we will look at five ways adhesive tapes can save the day, effectively meeting application needs while saving money and money.

  1. Sealing the Deal – Adhesive tapes are can be used to seal packages, ductwork, construction materials, weather-stripping and more. They are ideal for applications that require air or moisture to be kept from the bond area. Unlike fasteners, the tape provides adhesion, along with a protective barrier.
  2. Establishing a Bond – Not only can adhesive tapes create a strong, and solid bond between a wide range of materials, adhesive tapes are faster acting and easier to apply than other fastening methods. They also achieve a more desirable appearance for finished products.
  3. Delivering a Message – Since adhesive tapes can be printed or made in a variety of colors, they can be used for communicating a variety of use related messages, such as part identification, assembly instruction, and content precautions or warnings.
  4. Providing Insulation – The wide range of materials, such as foams and metallic films, which can be used with adhesive tape materials means that adhesive tapes can be developed insulative properties. Applications can range from electronic assemblies to sound proofing panels.
  5. Protecting a Surface – Adhesive tapes and materials provide effective and easy to apply surface protection or masking in both temporary and permanent applications.

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