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Aircraft engineers are pressed for designs and materials that will improve aerodynamics and decrease aircraft weight. Honeycomb structure panels have proven to be an excellent lightweight construction material for aircraft interiors.

Honeycomb materials are well-suited for applications involving flat or slightly curved surfaces. Although these materials are lightweight, they are also high-strength, typically constructed from aluminum, fiberglass or advanced composite materials.

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives are providing the ideal bonding solutions for use with the honeycomb structures used in aerospace applications. In addition to their lightweight properties, advantages they offer include:

  • High bond strengths
  • Improved resistance to high-moisture, pre-cure conditions
  • High fracture toughness and peel strength
  • Improved shop open time and long shelf life
  • Excellent resistance to high-moisture environments
  • Freedom from volatile by-products during curing which permits low pressure bonding
  • Excellent performance in a variety of applications over a range of temperatures

Adhesive tapes provide an ideal bonding solution in applications including: honeycomb sandwich edge close out, local reinforcement where inserts or fasteners are required, and the splicing of honeycomb and sandwich cores.

Converting tape services will also enable the customization of adhesive tape materials, to optimize efficiency and reduce waste. Adhesive tape can be quickly and easily applied for an instant, lightweight bond that is secure and permanent.

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