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Providing an ideal bonding solution for fabrics, heat seal tapes are offering manufacturers advantages such as high bonding strength, flexibility, durability, and solvent resistance. Heat seal thermoplastic adhesive tapes offer the additional advantage of being repositionable. When the thermoplastic adhesive is heated, it is soft and malleable. It becomes rigid as it cools, but with heat it can be reactivated.


Heat sealing tape is widely used in a variety of specialty apparel lines, such as

  • athletic garments.
  • firefighter’s clothing.
  • weather-resistant outerwear.

Heat seal adhesives can be used to bond a wide range of fabric combinations, including mesh and lace. The tapes can be converted into a wide range of widths and customized to provide the desired finished edge for enhanced finished garment aesthetics.  Modern garments can be assembled entirely using heat seal tapes, especially in instances where a traditional needle and thread sewing technique is not feasible or would be ineffective.


Because of their unique properties, heat seal tapes offer the benefits of excellent stretch and recovery. The advantages to apparel manufacturers do not end there. Typically, garments made with heat seal tape

  • are lighter.
  • are more durable, especially in seaming.
  • retain their shape better, even after repeated wash and wear cycles.

Incorporating a heat seal tape into a manufacturing workflow can result in

  • faster assembly.
  • reduced labor.
  • bottom line cost savings.

    All of these combined translate to higher production and increased profits.

A variety of proven heat seal tapes are available, each offering specific performance characteristics to meet the needs and demands of the end product use.

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