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High Performing – No Primer Needed

Introducting 3M’s new high-performance acrylic foam tape, a 1.14 mm thick, dark gray, double-coated acrylic foam tape designed for the attachment of automotive exterior trim parts – without the use of adhesion promoter.  A versatile solution addressing automotive industry’s need for a high-performing tape for low and medium surface energy substrates and a variety of paints without the need for primer, flame treatment, corona treatment, or other primer treatment while withstanding a significant amount of stress.

What that means for you:

  • Less sensitive to cold temperatures, making the product suitable for the “just-in-time” business model used by many automotive manufacturers
  • Potential elimination of concerns associated with using primer such as labor cost and equipment investments, as primer is not required with this tape
  • Designed to enable a total system cost-savings
  • Good initial tack to improve throughput time and increase confidence level in robustness of application
  • Excellent adhesive performance for medium surface energy paints, with initial data showing promising performance on difficult paints
  • Either side of the tape can be applied to paint or low and medium surface energy plastics, allowing elimination of liner exchange processing during converting and reducing the potential for improper application of the part
  • Unique foam core provides stress relaxation when high application loads are encountered, while maintaining tight bond-line aesthetics under normal conditions.