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As the automotive industry moves toward lighter weight materials and multi-component assemblies, mechanical vibration has been identified as a potential noise problem in auto interiors. The specific issue lies in the vibration energy that is generated, and travels throughout the automotive structure.

There are several ways to mitigate vibration sound issues. Prevention of the vibration at its source is one solution. The introduction of a low friction surface will prevent contact between assembly components. Altering the vibration mode of the structure can also be effective. This is done by attaching a dampening material in order to dissipate the vibration. Another approach involves isolating the vibration moving from one area to an adjacent area by way of isolators. Used to separate components of a structure, isolators effectively prevent vibration from spreading to surrounding areas.

Can-Do serves the automotive industry with a variety of adhesive tape products that mitigate sound vibration issues. A variety of 3M products are available to prevent vibration issues and Can-Do has the converting capabilities to transform these products into custom solutions.

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