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Need to simplify how you make, produce, mass-produce, build, construct, assemble, create, or fabricate your next project? Outsourcing to an adhesive tape converter and fabricator can be the most powerful key to manufacturing quality products while streamlining global manufacturing processes in an environment of increasing competition, regulatory compliance, designing, analysis, and quality control.

Here are 5 questions you need to ask when outsourcing your production:

  1. Does the outsourced manufacture or fabricator have a strong base of materials they work with and understand? Outsourced companies are allowed to focus on a larger selection of vendors to ensure a better selection of materials with lower costs.
  2. Is the assembly contractor flexible enough to meet your needs? A outsource company should have the capability to expand and upgrade technologies as your product line grows. Do they provide a built-in disaster recovery capacity, keeping you in production regardless of what happens?
  3. Does the Outsource converter or fabricator provide best-in-class quality? Your outsource and assembly contracts should be ISO 9001 certified and prepared to adopt best practices and prepare detailed, material handling and inspection specifications that ensure end-to-end traceability.
  4. Does your outsourced contractor provide added value? Your converter or fabricator should offer a wide variety of roll-to-roll processes that can be customized to your specific needs and simplify your manufacturing process. These could include slitting and rewinding, spooling, printing, coating, laminating, die cutting, punching, and perfing. They should be able to source the substrates and packaging essential to managing a complex supply chain and to design and commercialize turnkey converting and assembly solutions.
  5. Does your outsourced converter protect your intellectual property? You must be able to trust your converter to protect your information from security breaches. You need to feel comfortable that they have taken all possible precautions to protect your intellectual property.

Make sure your outsourced converter is interested in providing you with quality manufacturing solutions and is constantly innovating. Can-Do National Tape has your best interest in mind. You are not just another customer to us. Contact us at 800-643-5996 to discover how partnering with us can ensure success for each product and process you need outsourced.

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