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We were contacted by Joseph T. an engineer at a Medical company that was in process of developing a water tight, impact resistant housing for a medical device. Joseph was looking for a gasket that could hold a clear protective display screen in place and be able to withstand exposure to moisture, dramatic temperature swings and everyday use. Joseph made it very clear the importance of his project, let me tell you!

…and we prefer to make things perfect.

Sadly, a drawing for the gasket was not available at the time for Joseph. So, we took dimensions from the prototype enclosure and a drawing of the gasket was created. Using our cutting edge rapid prototyping equipment we were able to create a sample prototype using a 3M adhesive tape for the engineer to check the fit and finish in no time.

Joseph was pretty happy with this but, dimensional changes were needed to improve the fit and we prefer to make things perfect. So the drawing was updated and new prototype parts were made and resubmitted. During the process of determining the final dimensions, it was discovered that a tab would be needed to help with installation. The tab was added to the final part and Joseph could not have been more pleased.

…less than 24 hours…

It took less than 24 hours to develop a drawing and have workable parts with changes made in the happy hands of Joseph the engineer. This was done without incurring tooling cost and substantially reduced the time to market for our customer.

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