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Traditional needle and thread have been the primary bonding method used in the manufacture of apparel, bags, tents, and other fabric products. Thermoplastics and hot melt adhesive films, like those used in Sewfree® tapes, are changing all of that with a better alternative to sewing that provides a host of advantages to manufacturers.

Sewfree tape products are easy to apply and provide a smoother, seamless appearance. Eliminating the bulk of traditional stitching and hems, they also result in a lighter-weight product. As a continuous adhesive, Sewfree can also be used to bond open face material such as lace and mesh for greater design freedom and flexibility. Sewfree bond technology is being used along with cut-and-sew operations to enhance designs for a lower cost. New fabric and material combinations are possible, and circular knits can now be seamless.

The advantages of Sewfree tapes is not limited to design. They provide many benefits for the manufacturing process itself. Several components can be quickly bonded in one step, which reduces the number of steps involved in creating an item or garment, as well as the labor required.

Can-Do is proud to offer a wide range of versatile and dependable Sewfree products:

Nylock – thinner and lighter for optimal look and performance. A total game-changer in the world of active and outerwear made with nylon and lightweight fabrics.

Flowfree™ – engineered with perforations that promote and enhance breathability and flexibility. Providing comfort and security, in and out the gym.

High Recovery – replaces elastics and bulky sewn seams in performance wear and intimate wear.

Seam Reinforcement Tape (SRT) – strengthens seams without compromising the flexibility, feel or weight. Allow designers to add aesthetic elements while reinforcing bonded seams.

Reflective Stretch – designed to enhance visibility on performance wear, outerwear, and lifestyle apparel. Provides the freedom to be creative without losing performance.

Outtec – lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant and can be cut into shapes for decorative elements. Activated at lower temperatures to eliminate fraying while increasing water resistance.

Terratec – same as Outtec performance in with a wider range of color and pattern combinations, providing improved combinations of visual elements and dimensions.

Smooth Stretch – a film with a flocked surface designed specifically for technical outerwear and athletic performance wear and undergarments. Prevents chafing.

Vividedge™ – creates a modified version of a conventional overlap seam using a colored adhesive film. Eliminates frayed edges and enhances water resistance.

Insulated – lightweight, insulated seams on tightly-woven, low-denier fabrics. The perfect solution for outerwear used during colder temperatures.

Luxeliner – used for surface enhancement or as a liner. Provides endless possibilities due to different gauges.

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