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Environmental conditions will often affect the bonding application of adhesive tape during its application process. With a wide range of industries and product designs, bonding and tape applications are often exposed to conditions that will cause your bond to underperform. Specialty formulated adhesive tape provides an effective bonding solution that will hold up and perform well when exposed to extreme conditions.

So, whether your application will be exposed to wind, rain, dirt or extreme temperatures, your end product must stand up to extreme environment challenges.

Chemical Resistant Adhesive Tapes:
In some processes, chemicals and solvents can break down and degrade bonding agents. Chemical resistant tapes and adhesive materials are formulated to resist these effects. These tapes are ideal for laboratory use, printing processes, painting applications, and/or manufacturing processes involving chemicals.

Water Resistant Adhesive Tapes:

When a bond is exposed to water or wet conditions, water resistant adhesive tapes deliver superior performance. Tape applications that benefit from moisture resistance tapes can include weather stripping, packing materials, automotive assemblies, marine applications, and other application environments involving damp conditions.

Heat Resistant Adhesive Tapes:

Electronic assemblies in appliances and automotive components or labels typically require the ability to withstand exposure to high heat. Adhesive tapes formulated for heat resistance have proven to be highly effective for these types of applications.

UV Resistant Adhesive Tapes:

Special combinations of engineered film backings and acrylic adhesives provide excellent protection against UV degradation for dependable performance in the sun. UV resistant adhesive tapes and materials perform effectively for construction and building materials, outdoor signage, as well as window and door stickers.

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