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Engineers in a wide range of industries are solving problems and simplifying assemblies using adhesive tapes. Adhesive tapes have proven to be highly effective in joining dissimilar materials, replacing mechanical fasteners, and improving overall speed and productivity in a number of processes. In most cases, adhesive tapes are simpler, cleaner, and faster to apply than other bonding or fastening options.

Depending on the process or assembly method of a manufactured item, there are different adhesive tape application options to meet specific needs. One of the ways tapes differ is in the application method. The application of adhesive tapes can occur in three basic ways: pressure sensitive, heat activated, and water activated. Each type has unique advantages that offer easy solutions for different applications:

Pressure Sensitive Tape

Pressure sensitive tapes require only a nominal degree of pressure for application. Double-sided pressure sensitive tapes provide an aesthetic advantage in assemblies in that they can attach two substrates invisibly. They are well-suited for permanent or temporary bonding, and are widely used in metalworking, medical, commercial graphics, automotive, electronics, and other markets.

Heat Activated Tape

A certain degree of heat is required to initiate the bonding agent on heat activated tapes. They work especially well with rubber and plastic materials and are ideal for induction curing and sealing. They are commonly used in the manufacture of automotive and electronic components.  Heat activated adhesive tapes can be custom tinted and specifically formulated for use on paper, cloth, and metal foil.

Water Activated Tape

A cost effective and environmentally-friendly choice, water activated tapes also offer an advantage in terms of strength. Water activated tapes are widely used in a wide range of packaging operations, and are ideally suited for use with corrugated boxes. An additional benefit for security is that water activated tapes show obvious signs when tampered with.

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