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Growth in the Electric Vehicle Market

Driven by advancements in technology and decreasing production costs, the electric vehicle market has grown significantly. This market is expected to continue to grow, especially if the proposed infrastructure bill passes, as it includes significant investments in the electric vehicle industry, including EV manufacturers and electric battery manufacturers.

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Serving The EV Market With More Than 1,000 Products

3M™ serves EV applications with 40 global automotive centers across six continents. 3M materials promote safety and manufacturing efficiency. EV batteries are essential EV automotive products that benefit from 3M adhesive technologies, including 3M flexible insulation, FRB flame barrier, and 3M electrical insulation tapes.

Key 3M EV Battery Applications

tapes used in battery applications3M products used in the development of electric vehicle batteries used in the battery cell, battery module, and battery pack.

  • 92 Polyimide Tape – used for the lug installation
  • 1350F-½ PET Film Tape – used in the cell insulation, module insulation & barrier, cooling tube insulation, and module bottom insulation.
  • FRB NT Flame Barrier – used in cell insulation & barrier.

3M electrical insulating components provide safety, while the thin, lightweight form factor improves range and assembly.

3M Electrical Insulating Tapes

Proven and 3M insulating tapes and films are designed to meet the demanding requirements of EV battery applications.

Insulating TapesCommon applications include electrical isolation of cells, modules, cooling plates, bus bars and wiring harnesses.

  • Durable, proven and reliable electrical insulation tapes, designed to protect key EV battery components in the most challenging EV environments
  • Broad portfolio with varying mix of dielectric strength, mechanical strength and price

Key Products

  • 3M Polyester Film Tape 1350F 2
  • 3M Epoxy Film Electrical Tape Super 10
  • 3M 92 Polyimide Tape

3M Flexible Insulation and FRB Flame Barrier

Flexible Insulation and FRB Flame Barrier3M offers flexible insulation and flame barrier materials to provide electrical insulation and aid in prevention of thermal runaway propagation.

  • High inorganic content providing strong dielectric strength when exposed to high operating temperatures.
  • High thermal conductivity
  • FRB avail w/UL94 5VA flame rating on thickness as low as 3 mil
  • Good convertibility; easily die cut
  • Varying mechanical strengths available
  • Low smoke and toxicity

Key Products

  • 3M Flame Barrier FRB NT
  • 3M Flame Barrier Laminate FRB NT
  • 3M CeQUIN

Can-Do Tape is your source for 3M EV components. Our team works with 3M products to custom convert, fabricate, prototype, design for product development and manufacturing processes.