High Impact Adhesives Meet Auto Safety Challenges

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Automotive engineers are now using versatile adhesives to powerfully bond materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastics.  The benefits have been improved safety, reduced weight, greater vehicle stiffness, and lower manufacturing costs. Adhesive tape and sealants are found in a variety of auto manufacturing processes including: Front- and rear-end modules (for precise masking of bumpers)… Read more »

Automotive Assembly Adhesives Offer Advantages Over Traditional Fastening Methods

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The use of adhesives in automotive assemblies is on the rise as vehicle manufacturers continue to pursue ways to make automobiles more light-weight and fuel efficient. Automotive adhesives are delivering advantages in a variety of automotive assembly applications. According to an Automotive Adhesives Market forecast, body in white application held the largest share of the automotive… Read more »

Adhesive Tape Converters Play An Important Role In Adhesive Tape Applications

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Those having some familiarity with adhesive tape converting may recognize the pun in this headline as tape converting primarily refers to the transformation of tape rolls into finished adhesive tape products. Converting specialists combine adhesive tapes with materials such as polyesters, foams and felts to develop highly specialized products. The converting process also involves cutting… Read more »

Sewfree® Tapes Offer Superior Bonds and Finishes

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Traditional needle and thread have been the primary bonding method used in the manufacture of apparel, bags, tents, and other fabric products. Thermoplastics and hot melt adhesive films, like those used in Sewfree® tapes, are changing all of that with a better alternative to sewing that provides a host of advantages to manufacturers. Sewfree tape… Read more »

Bonding Dissimilar Surfaces With PSA Tapes

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Pressure sensitive tapes offer a host of benefits in the development of products and assemblies. They cost less than mechanical fasteners, are easier to apply, and typically don’t require specialized tools during application. Bonding surfaces can also occur at different times and locations. Perhaps the most important advantage of using adhesive tapes and materials is… Read more »

Improving Your Assembly Line with Die Cut Adhesive Materials

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The success of your business depends on maintaining efficient and cost-effective operations. Did you know there may be many opportunities to increase efficiency and cut costs right on your assembly line? Can-Do Tape offers adhesive material products that can significantly improve your products and processes while improving your bottom line. Replace Mechanical Fasteners Over 30… Read more »

Bonding with Flexible Foam Tapes

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When it comes to bonding strength, 3M™ VHB™ Tapes offer high holding power for both static and dynamic loads. Can-Do Tape supplies standard and custom 3M VHB tapes for a variety of opportunities to replace mechanical fasteners. VHB Tape Benefits There are a wide range of advantages to using VHB tapes over conventional fastening methods. VHB tapes… Read more »

Bioplastic Materials and Adhesives

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Assembly Magazine recently published an article on Assembly Methods for Bioplastics. They reported, “Bioplastics can be processed with most conventional techniques, including extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and compression molding. They can be blown into films and spun into fibers for textiles and nonwovens. They can even be used with 3D printers.” Many of the… Read more »

Meet us at Ford’s SEATS18

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Can-Do National Tape is excited to have been personally invited to show at the Ford’s SEAT18 Expo. Come by our booth to meet David Nicely and Don Cleesattle. They will be displaying several products from 3M and Bemis and will answer any questions you may have. Check out the newly designed waterproof heat seal tapes and 3M automotive solutions. Now… Read more »

Polyethylene Foam for Packaging Solutions

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Laminated polyethylene foam (PE) is very resilient and used extensively in protective packaging. Laminated PE is durable, lightweight, flexible and provides excellent energy absorption and cushioning. Laminating Polyethylene delivers an excellent product for multi-use and returnable applications. Applications include endcaps, corner pads and blocking and bracing. Custom laminated PE foam for product protection will meet… Read more »